Jølsterlia Hyttetun
Jølstravegen 2450, N-6843 Skei in Jølster
Phone: +47 970 99 454

Address for the chalets: Årdalsvegen 140, 6843 Skei


This is how you find us

The Chalets lie 1,5 km from the main road E39 in Årdal i Jølster. There is a trafficsign from E39 to Jølsterlia. Our reception is only 100 meters from the main road.

Address reception:  Jølstravegen 2450 (This address will often be fault in googlemap. Use the name Jølsterlia on googlemap)

Address chalets:      Årdalsvegen 140                                                                                                                     

From Oslo this is the fastest route: Oslo - Sandvika - Hønefoss - Gol - Lærdal - Sogndal - Skei i Jølster. It takes around 7 hours to drive from Oslo.   From Skei we are driving 7 km towards Førde on E 39. 

From Bergen we are driving the E39 north to Førde. From Førde we are driving on E39 towards Skei 36 km. It takes around 3,5 hours to drive from Bergen.

Distances to Jølster:
Oslo: 412 km.
Ålesund: 166 km.
Bergen: 224 km.
Stavanger: 390 km.
Kristiansand: 586 km.
Trondheim: 522 km.

Distances to the charlets:  
Skei: 8 km.
Førde: 36 km.
Sogndal: 68 km.